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• Exterior washed with neutral pH solution
• Blow dried in all seams and crevices
• Faces of wheels cleaned
• Rubber dressed to preserve the finish

FROM $99
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• Use pH neutral solution to remove dirt, grime and oils from exterior
• Clean door jams, wheel arches , grilles and lights
• Clean windows with non-ammonia glass formula
• Clean wheels and tires thoroughly
• Apply tire dressing to protect and extend the tire life
• Finish with a durable paint sealant that protects and enhances the paint

FROM $195
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• Customized services from spot cleaning carpets/seats to full shampoo with hot water extraction
• Leather surfaces and seats cleaned and conditioned to maintain beautiful texture
• Plastics, rubber and vinyl surfaces thoroughly cleaned
• These plastic, rubber and vinyls are then dressed with water based protectant to extend the life
• Dash and door panels are meticulously cleaned of any dust, dirt and buildup
• Trunk is thoroughly cleaned of dirt and debris
• Interior is left looking clean and smelling brand new

FROM $195
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• We start with the Hand Wash & Wax to get the vehicle ultra clean
• Then we implement our clay bar process to remove any light contamination
• We follow this up with a 1 Step machine polish to remove any fine scratches and swirls
• Utilizing a random orbital machine ensures safe and thorough removal of fine swirls
• Then we apply a follow up layer of sealant for that high luster and protection
• We highly recommend this before getting a Clear Bra and Quartz Coating

FROM $495
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• This is the highest level of paint correction and paint restoration
• We perform a Wash & Wax to get the vehicle immaculate first
• Then we perform a paint examination and develop a game plan to get the paint looking it’s best
• Includes multiple levels of machine polishing to remove fine, medium and deep scratches
• This leaves the paint looking mirror smooth and level
• We then finish with a durable paint sealant that protects and enhances the paint

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Monday - Friday: 7am to 5pm
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: CLOSED

dallas paint protection film
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dallas clear bra installation

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