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• This very popular package protects the very high impact area between the front and rear wheels on the lower portion of the vehicle.
• Protects from rocks and debris that are catapulted from the front tires at extremely high speeds.
• This protection is a must for any cars that are going to spend time on the track. Just one lap on a race track will result in extreme paint damage without this coverage. The streets and highways are not much safer.

• This protects the area right next to the windshield and the front 6”-10” of the roof.
• We have witnessed many rock chips on vehicles without this protection.
• This is an extremely popular and valuable area to protect on any car whose roof line is lower than 6”.
• Any rock that is hitting the windshield is also hitting the roof line and a-pillar. This has the potential to damage the paint so it’s the best idea to protect it.

• This takes the roof protection to the pinnacle of protection and aesthetics.
• The full roof is protected with a single piece in most cases making it seamless and stunning.

• This very popular coverage protects the side of the rear bumper behind the rear wheel arch.
• Protects from any rocks and debris that are thrown up by the rear wheel.
• Wherever you see water splashing from the tire it’s also getting bombarded by sand, grit, gravel, rocks and other dangerous debris.
• This is also a must-have for any car that is heading to the track for a lap or two as well as any vehicle participating in a road rally.

• This area is the upward facing “shelf” of the rear bumper and is very important to protect if you are loading/unloading luggage, groceries, pets or children.
• This is an extremely popular area to protect due to the very high traffic experienced by the paint in this zone.

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