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Are your detail products damaging your clear bra?

Many people don’t know that some detail products can actually damage your clear bra leading to unsightly appearance and diminished aesthetic longevity!

With 16 years of experience in the automotive aesthetics industry we have had the opportunity to visibly account for how paint protection film weathers over the years and what effects different detail products have on the aesthetic longevity of your clear bra. We have seen that petroleum based detail products and products containing carnauba contribute to drying and dulling of the film. We have also seen that our water based formulas maintain the luster of the film and help condition and protect the film from ultraviolet degradation, stains and chemicals.

Shine detail products are easy to use and will protect your clear bra from damaging chemicals and ultraviolet.

Next time you wash your car, ask yourself, “Am I using the right detail products?”
Formulated for foam cannons, this 100% water based formula has super lubricity and maximum sudsing to achieve superior cleaning with no damage to your paint.
This temporary sealant is 100% water based and formulated to deliver maximum UV protection, anti-static properties with a high gloss finish. Suggest use: Throw a bottle in your glove box for on the spot polishing for your show car.
This 100% water based degreaser destroys tar, road grime, insects and other debris quickly and is safe for clear bra. Suggested use: Use at the race track to quickly and safely remove tire marble scars from your race car.
This sealant uses nano particles to deliver a high gloss shine with 6 months of durable UV protection, anti-static properties and is 100% water based.
This 100% water based sealant uses nano particles to deliver a high gloss shine with 12 months of durable UV protection and anti-static properties.
Restore and protect plastics and rubber trim to improve aesthetics and shield your car against the elements with this 100% water based dressing. Suggest use: Engine bay, tires, plastics, rubber trims and seals.
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