CLEAN TESLA by Speed Shield. Stand out from the crowd with a fully customized Tesla

Make Your Tesla Stand Out

We are all car geeks at heart at Speed Shield with an eye for creating vehicles that stand out and exude style and class with a very “clean” look.

Our creative eye found alignment with the Tesla brand and its clients for many reasons. One clear parallel is that we do not follow the crowd. We like to push the envelope of convention in a classy way with styles that are timeless and respectable.

We want our client’s cars to be setting the trend in a way they can be proud of. Let our design team help you create the ultimate expression of your personality through your CLEAN TESLA.

Custom Tesla Near Me | Speed Shield

As our customization of the Tesla vehicles became more and more popular, we decided to create our brand, THE CLEAN TESLA, which focuses on the ultimate forms of customization to create a unique asset inside and out.

We take the clean and modern design of Tesla and make a bold statement that suits your personal style! We create bespoke packages for your Tesla to satisfy any vision and any budget. Come to our design studio for a personalized session where you can choose luxurious textures to fill your interior, pick specialty colors to wrap your exterior, create custom wheels and suspension and much more.


The sky is the limit when choosing unique wheels. From polishing, chroming and powder coating your factory wheels to upgrading to any of our high performance aftermarket wheels we believe the foundation of a unique vehicle starts with wheels as the foundation.


We can create the ultimate driving experience with luxurious textures and colors so you can express your individuality and feel at home on the road. We use the latest techniques and the finest materials like vegan leather, authentic leather, Alcantara vegan suede, and authentic suede to create your dream interior.


With our ability to recreate any panel in carbon fiber there is no end to the potential of self expression on your exterior and interior. We can create a stunning look with different weaves, colors and finishes of carbon fiber and we can even create wood-like appearances with eco-friendly flax fibers.


Express your style with a custom color wrap that’s not only fun and unique but protects your paint from minor abrasions. We have a myriad of color selections available for your inspection at our design studio.

Let your imagination be your guide as we help you create a one-of-a-kind design for your Tesla so that it stands out from the masses.

CLEAN TESLA- Customize your Tesla at Speed Shield.
Tesla Model X CLEAN by Speed Shield- Addison

"Don't settle for anything less"

Speed Shield carries nothing but premium products. From the best window tints, to the clearest paint protection films and even bespoke wheel brands, this is the place to go if you're not willing to settle for anything less than the best.

–H. Luong (October 2018)

"Quality isn't expensive it's Priceless"

The pieces they wrapped, including my roof, look absolutely perfect! I loved seeing their value statement "Quality Isn't Expensive, It's Priceless".

–R. Shroff (September 2018)

"No substitute for quality"

I won’t take my cars anywhere else! There is no substitute for quality. Yes you can get a “deal” from other places but I guarantee they don’t have the attention to detail, workmanship warranty, and experience of Speed Shield.

–Brandon C. (July 2018)

Why Choose Speed Shield

Experience Speed Shields Quality Craftsmanship

Quality Craftsmanship

Speed Shield has Dallas Fort Worth's most Competitive pricing.

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Guaranteed Service

We’re not like those other guys in the industry. At Speed Shield, you can expect to receive quality service, premium products, and unmatched craftsmanship unlike the rest of them. We are passionate about what we do, which means we are 100% focused on delivering something our customers love!

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