Clear Bra, Protective Film, or Clear Wrap Paint Protection
Whatever You Call It, You Need It

When you buy a car, it has that new car smell and a spotless shine that you spend years after trying to replicate. We haven’t found a product that captures that unique new car smell (yet), but we have found a product that can keep that paint shining for years to come – it’s Clear Bra.

Cars take a beating from the heat, sunlight, driving, road debris, etc. (especially in Dallas) and in order to give it a shield of protection, we suggest you get a protective film professionally put on your car. At Speed Shield, we continually research every brand of clear bra available and have the results on display in our shop so you can see the difference. You may also hear people refer to vehicle paint protection as clear mask or clear wrap, invisible shield or invisible film, car scratch protective film, or rock protection.

Clear Bra is mainly used to protect your high impact areas against paint damage. When properly installed (like that by Speed Shield of Dallas) Clear Bra will protect your car’s paint from chips and scratches caused by rocks and road debris. The high-quality film that we use at Speed Shield in Dallas, Texas is resistant to corrosion and acidic contaminants, which means that it provides a great barrier between bug splatter, bird droppings, acid rain or mineral deposits. Our high-quality clear bra also doesn’t oxidize with the exposure to sunlight so it will protect your car from UV rays.

Our focus at Speed Shield of Dallas is to offer only the highest quality materials combined with the most meticulous installs to maintain our reputation. Since we custom hand trim to your specifications we can build any clear bra coverage package or a la carte pieces to fit any budget. Just bring your ideas, we will take care of the rest.

Click here to watch the team at Speed Shield of Dallas install a full body Clear Bra on a BMW M5 Competition.