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At Speed Shield, we have a wide selection of Vorsteiner wheels that can fit any style and budget. Let our wheel experts help you choose the perfect style and fit. Our wheel experts can also provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of different wheel materials in order to find the best wheel to suit your needs.

Vorsteiner Wheels, Vorsteiner Rims, All Options Speed Shield serving Dallas Fort Worth. The custom car experts.

Did you know?

Buying new Vorsteiner wheels can change how your car drives? Speed Shield’s wheel experts will ensure that the wheel fitment is correct to ensure that your car wheels will be compatible with your vehicle and will not negatively impact your ride.

Vorsteiner Wheels

We carry Dallas and Fort Worth’s largest variety of wheel options.

Featured wheel Brands

Vorsteiner Wheels at Speed Shield. Custom Wheels & Rims. Flow Forged & Forged Wheels Rims for Luxury & High Performance Sports Car Brands
HRE Wheels At Speed Shield, experience state-of-the-art custom wheels for racing & luxury cars.
Brixton Wheels Speed Shield Dallas
Vossen Wheels at Speed Shield. Vossen is a manufacturer of Luxury and Performance Forged Wheels and Hybrid Forged Wheels, using advanced flow

When Choosing New Wheels, You Should Consider

Speed Shield experts know the importance of wheel sizing


It is important to know the maximum wheel size allowance for your vehicle since different wheel sizes will impact the way your vehicle drives, plus going too big can cause harm to the vehicle and decrease the safety of the vehicle.

Did you know that wheel weight impacts your ride? Speed Shield experts do!


Wheel weight is important to take into consideration since weight impacts the vehicle’s performance. Heavier wheels mean an increase in braking distance, while lighter wheels mean better maneuverability.

TERRAIN is important and Speed Shield can make sure you have the right wheels for the job.


Think about where you drive — what types of terrain? The answer to this question can determine what type of wheel is best for its overall functionality.

Vossen Wheel Specialists | Wide Selection | Expert Care
Vorsteiner Custom Rims

"Don't settle for anything less"

Speed Shield carries nothing but premium products. From the best window tints, to the clearest paint protection films and even bespoke wheel brands, this is the place to go if you're not willing to settle for anything less than the best.

–H. Luong (October 2018)

"Quality isn't expensive it's Priceless"

The pieces they wrapped, including my roof, look absolutely perfect! I loved seeing their value statement "Quality Isn't Expensive, It's Priceless".

–R. Shroff (September 2018)

"No substitute for quality"

I won’t take my cars anywhere else! There is no substitute for quality. Yes you can get a “deal” from other places but I guarantee they don’t have the attention to detail, workmanship warranty, and experience of Speed Shield.

–Brandon C. (July 2018)

Why Choose Speed Shield

Experience Speed Shields Quality Craftsmanship

Quality Craftsmanship

Speed Shield has Dallas Fort Worth's most Competitive pricing.

Competitive Pricing

Experience Guaranteed Service Speed Shield DFW

Guaranteed Service

We’re not like those other guys in the industry. At Speed Shield, you can expect to receive quality service, premium products, and unmatched craftsmanship unlike the rest of them. We are passionate about what we do, which means we are 100% focused on delivering something our customers love!

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